Age: 32
Nationality: Slovakia
Current living area: Slovakia
Smoker: Yes

Preference of discipline: Im discipline person.
Driver’s license: Yes
HVG license: No
Own car: No

Visa: Yes
Years of expierence: 5 or more, Yes
A little more about their work expierence:

Stallions: Yes
Clipping: Yes
Lunging: Yes

Shows: 3*, 4*, 5*

I would like to describe myself as: Hard working, Detail minded, I am a morning person, Outgoing, Teamplayer

Riding expierence: Basic
Name at least three employers: Hamburg- Holsteiner Verbund
Qatar Olympic Team- Holland, Valkenswaard (Jan Tops)

Turkish Olympic Team, S.I.E.C.-Pfungstadt
recommendations: From mi last Employer S.I.E.C
Telephone number for recommendations: 00421951178009

Freelance or full time: Full time
When can you start: 2019-10-15

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