Age: 29
Nationality: Slovenian
Current living area: Slovenia
Smoker: Yes

Preference of discipline: Showjumping
Driver’s license: Yes
HVG license: No
Own car: Yes

Visa: Yes
Years of experience: 3-5, Yes
A little more about their work expierence: I learne the most working for Markus Beerbaum. Before that I worked for Gaj Riossa, a rider of Markus and after that I helped in Edvina Tops Alexander’s stable.

Stallions: Yes
Clipping: Yes
Lunging: Yes

Shows: 2*, 3*

I would like to describe myself as: Hard working, I am a morning person, Outgoing, Teamplayer

Riding expierence: Basic
Name at least three employers: Gaj Riossa
Markus Beerbaum
Edvina Tops Alexander
recommendations: Markus Beerbaum

Freelance or full time: Full time
When can you start: 2019-11-11

Extra information for future employer: I am a mom so I can only work as a home groom. And I know in horse world there is no 7-3 mentality, but I would have to leave worl arpund 3pm. I also have a partner who would be more than happy to help on the yard as a handyman. He has a lot of experiance with tractors and machines. So it would be ideal if we could find work rogether.

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